Car Radio problems on FM


Radio reception in cars can vary for a number of reasons:

  • As you drive the signal strength can move from a good to a poor reception area. This can cause FM sound quality to deteriorate. The signal will return when you are in a good reception area.
  • Trees, hills and buildings can block the incoming radio signal to the car aerial, causing small areas of poor reception.

You can try:

  • Retuning your FM/AM radio to a stronger frequency as you move reception area. Many car radios have RDS (Radio Data System), which automatically tunes to the strongest FM signal, RDS can also be set to detect BBC local radio travel news. 
  • The higher your aerial the better and make sure it is fully extended. Check your aerial for damage. Most FM aerials work well with DAB radio but not all. Check with your local dealer. 


If you need further help, seek advice from a competent automotive electrician or specialist dealer.

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