Can LED lights cause interference to my DAB reception?

Low-voltage, LED lamps can sometimes cause interference to DAB and FM reception.  The problem is worst with 12V types.  The more lamps switched on at a time, the worse the problem becomes. This is most likely to happen when LED lamps are directly substituted for 12V halogen lamps, retaining the original transformers. As the power used is lower, the original transformer is forced to work outside of its operating parameters and this has been lnow to cause widespread electrical impulse interference.

The Answer

Substituting one make of LED for another may solve the problem, but if not, try a transformer specifically-designed for LED lamps.  Mains-powered LED lamps may be less troublesome.  It is a complex problem and there is no single solution.

Something which is CE marked may be returned to the supplier if it gives problems. Lamps without a CE mark should not be on sale. Contact your local trading standards office or check: for further advice.

Please watch the video below for more information.



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