Burbling / breakup on DAB radio


Typical causes are:

  • Weak signals
  • Transmitter work or fault
  • Interference
  • Weather

You may find the problem occurs on some stations but not others. This could be because they are using different multiplexes coming from different transmitters. If you've never had good reception, check that DAB is predicted to cover your area by visiting this page.

What to do

  • Try moving the radio around to see if you can find a better position where you get good reception of all the stations you want to listen to.
  • If the radio has an external aerial, ensure the connections are secure.
  • Use our Transmitter Checker to see if a transmitter fault or maintenance work could be affecting your reception.
  • Listen to an FM radio for audible interference, as this may give useful clues.
  • Ensure the telescopic/integrated aerial is fully extended.
  • On rare occasions the weather could impact reception.  

If you can hear interference on the FM radio, and especially if the FM interference stops when your DAB problem stops, the two could be connected.  See our page Electrical Interference on FM radio as this may give clues as to what's also affecting your DAB reception. The table lists common causes but it cannot cover every possible source of electrical interference. The RTIS are happy to talk to you about your problem if you have been through the entire table but none of the characteristics seems to fit.


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