Hissing on AM radio

This normally indicates weak signals. This can be due to:

  • Reduced transmitter power
  • Bad radio positioning
  • Tuning to a distant transmitter

What to do

  • Ensure the transmitter is not on reduced power or off-air by using our Transmitter Checker.
  • Try turning your radio around for maximum signal.
  • Make sure it is not sitting alongside a radiator or another large metal object.
  • Make sure you are tuned to the best frequency for your area, as you can often pick up more than one signal. You can find out more at BBC AM reception.
  • If you're using a car radio which is not factory-fitted by the manufacturer, make sure the set's AM aerial trimmer is adjusted for best results. N.B. Some car aerial designs optimised for FM reception do not perform so well on AM.


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