Pirate radio problems

Reception in cities can often be disrupted by unlicensed ‘pirate' radio stations. In practice these tend to be characterised by music with a strong ‘DJ' presence and usually broadcast at night and over weekends. They can either blot out your reception completely or produce rhythmic scratching or thumping sounds. Tuning either side of your normal station reception will usually reveal them fully.


What to do

Ofcom deal directly with interference from pirate radio stations. If you believe your FM reception is being affected by a pirate station, you can visit here for more information, or you can fill in this form if you are a consumer.

If you are a broadcaster fill in this form.

If you don't have Web access, please ring Ofcom's switchboard on 0300 123 3333 during weekday office hours, or write to them at:

Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9HA

It will be helpful to Ofcom if you are able to provide some basic information, including your postcode, the station that's being interfered with, dates and times when it happens, and how long it lasts. If you can identify the pirate station that you think is causing the problem, note its frequency. It would also be useful to provide any phone numbers broadcast and names of DJs as well as a description of the type of music played.

For a factsheet about pirate radio please click this link



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