I have an older Freeview box which no longer works well


Some older Digital Set Top Boxes (largely from the 1990s) are now becoming unreliable.  Problems could include pictures freezing, functions taking a long time to work and even controls 'getting stuck'. Although this may be due to age, a more likely reason is that they lack the computing power needed for the latest generation of digital signals, causing internal circuits to malfunction.

Manufacturers normally support their equipment with spare parts and new software.  After several years, support is withdrawn as it is uneconomic, rarely needed and replacement equipment is cheaper.  We would therefore recommend checking with your dealer and if necessary purchasing new equipment.  New equipment will not only have the latest standards of receiver technology and facilities (such as Red Button and EPG functions), but should also offer better technical performance.

Newer models are also less susceptible to 'impulse' interference than earlier models.  Their improved design means they are less sensitive to pixellation and picture freezing caused by passing traffic and the use of electrical equipment such as lawn mowers and hair driers.

For more information visit the help section on the Freeview website.

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