Large structure effects on Freeview TV


Pixellation can happen when the signal reaching your TV is too weak. This is usually caused by an obstruction, tall buildings, or trees. It could also be due to your aerial being damaged or pointing in the wrong direction, or water in the downlead. The problem very often occurs on just one or two channels.

What to do

  • Look to see if anything new has appeared on the skyline recently.
  • If there are cranes or scaffolding, these are temporary structures and your picture may return to normal once they’ve been removed.
  • If nearby trees in front of the aerial seem to be affecting reception, it may be possible to raise or reposition the aerial to avoid the thickest foliage. Some types of aerial called ‘grids’ can give better results than standard ones but it can often be a case of experimenting. The trees may be pruned if you have authority to do so, but in extreme cases, you might need to align your aerial to another transmitter, or use digital satellite or cable.
  • Check your TV aerial. If it’s damaged or is pointing in a different direction from where it should be (hint: look at other aerials close by) then call an installer.
  • Check your downlead cable. If you examine the plug and find it
    wet, or it’s green and corroded, water has got into the cable.
    The cable and plug will need to be replaced.


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