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Changes in your vicinity

TV and radio reception can be affected by changes in the area where you live.  This could include:

  • New buildings
  • Nearby cranes or scaffolds
  • Trees growing across the signal path
  • New electronic or electrical equipment in your home
  • Large aerials or masts nearby


    aerials     crane

Unfortunately the effect on TV reception - break-up and freezing or complete failure - is broadly the same regardless of the source.  Therefore it's important to note any changes in your vicinity in case there is a connection.

What to do

If you spot something you think might be causing you a problem, even if it is outside your control, there may be ways around the difficulty.

  • If a new building is clearly blocking the path of the signal to your aerial or dish, re-siting the aerial can help.  You may sometimes be able to point to a different transmitter
  • Cranes and scaffolds are usually temporary, so provided they aren't associated with a new building, it may be best to wait until they are removed
  • If you can reduce intervening trees, do so, but if they are not on your property and you can't persuade the owners to prune them, you could try moving your aerial or dish to a different position.  Some types of aerial perform better than others where they are pointing through trees
  • Try switching off any new equipment in your home.  Seek the advice of your retailer or manufacturer if something you have bought is clearly causing a reception problem
  • Aerials and masts don't usually cause reception problems of themselves, but transmissions coming from them can occasionally affect pictures or sound.  For more detailed information see our section on Interference from Radio Communications

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