Are some TVs and Freeview boxes more susceptible to interference than others?


Many older TVs and set top boxes can be sensitive to 'impulse interference'. This can be generated by, for example, motorcycle engines, passing traffic and lawnmowers.

Listed below are the types of electrical equipment that can cause impulse interference.


•              Central heating or hot water thermostats

•              Dimmer switches
•              LED lighting

•              Computers

•              Appliances using electric motors

•              Electricity supply transformers (trains)

•              Overhead power cables


We should mention that if you are receiving a signal from the nearest transmitter that the difference between good reception and complete loss of signal for digital TV is like a cliff-edge: in other words, it falls away sharply.


This means while although you appear to have perfect reception, the TV tuner may be processing a very weak signal - near the point of failure. If you should suddenly lose your services it is probable that there has been a further (even though slight) reduction in the signal and your set can no longer decode the signals.


A drop in signal strength can be influenced by many seasonal changes, for example, weather, air pressure and leaves on trees blocking the signal.  It is, however, very unlikely to be a transmitter fault. This” cliff” effect is most likely in areas with variable coverage. Conversely, a small increase in signal from a better aerial could reverse this.


Newer models tend to be less susceptible to this type of interference. However, if you are experiencing persistent problems, you need to try stopping the interference reaching your TV. You should ensure you have a good installation, this will include the choosing the best kind of aerial for your location, and careful aerial siting, which can help to improve your reception.


*For help with aerials we would recommend using a professional installer. We cannot recommend individual installers but you may wish to seek advice from a recognised industry body, such as the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI). Alternatively visit the Website of Registered Digital Installers (RDI). Get Me Digital is the consumer site of the RDI, created to promote digital installation and digital service providers directly to the consumer. 


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