What do filters do?

A filter is used to prevent unwanted signals from reaching your equipment, whilst allowing the wanted ones to pass through unaffected.

Some filters may need to be installed before any amplification, while others should be installed directly before the receiving equipment.

A qualified installer should be able to suggest the best option for you. 

High-pass filters

Filters stop unwanted signals from radio amateurs and CB enthusiasts which can interfere with television and radio reception. Since many amateur transmissions are lower in frequency than television and FM signals, a high-pass filter can be fitted to the receiver to prevent the low frequency amateur signals from reaching it and causing problems. High-pass filters are a common component in what are known as ‘TVI' filters, sometimes called ‘TETRA' filters.

Band-Pass filters

Band-pass filters are frequency specific, i.e. rejects any frequency lower than 30. You need to ensure you have the correct band-pass filter for your platform, as a television band-pass filter will not work on an FM tuner and vice versa.

Braid Breakers

Braid-breakers work by preventing low frequency signals from reaching television or FM equipment down the outside of the aerial cable. If you have several devices connected to your equipment, you may need to fit filters to the inputs of all of them.

Ferrite rings

Sometimes strong, amateur signals can interfere with audio equipment as well as television or radio. This usually happens because the loudspeaker wires or mains cables act as ‘aerials' and conduct the signals inside the case. You can wind a short section of the cable in question around a ferrite ring using a number of turns, and to do so as near to the hi-fi /television/radio as possible.


Examples of filters
Examples of filters, braid breaker and ferrite ring


How do I know which one is right for me?

To avoid getting the wrong filter, it is advised you consult with a qualified installer.


Qualified Installer

The BBC cannot recommend individual Installers. The CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) is a recognised trade body which will be able to put you in touch with one of its members in your area.