Interference to a car radio

If you are noticing interference on your car radio, then it will most likely be that you are in an area of poor reception or it is caused by something within your car.

If you know your location, you can use our transmitter checker to see whether there is a problem with the transmitters in the area you are travelling in. If that isn't the problem you may wish to consult a suitably qualified car mechanic. 

Coverage areas

You can use our transmitter checker to see if you are in good radio coverage. You will, however, need to have a suitable postcode of the area you are having problems in to see what the radio coverage is in that area. 

Interference caused by a car

Often, car radio interference originates in the ignition system or the charging circuit. However, it can be linked to any electrical accessory in the car so you may need to undertake a number of checks to find the source. However, the first check is to ensure the radio is properly earthed. 

Ignition System

If the interference changes with engine speed it is most probably the ignition system causing the issue. This may be due to old or faulty leads to the spark plugs and can be characterised as clicks or cracking sounds.

Charging system

A high pitched whine associated with engine speed could mean the alternator is not suitably suppressed.

Electrical accessories

If you get interference when, for example, using the indicators or heater, then you may need to replace them. 

We would suggest talking with a qualified mechanic if you experience interference from any item within your car.